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Free Reseller Hosting – ResellersPanel Review

Free reseller hosting is very rare in the industry. Hostgator, WHCMS, InMotion, A2 Hosting, GoDaddy, HostPapa, BlueHost, and many more offers reseller hosting but with a regular fee starting at USD 9 per month. Meanwhile, a clear industry leader, ResellersPanel, offers a different reseller hosting package which is free.

ResellersPanel offers a zero to minimal fee to start your hosting reseller business. With its one of a kind feature that can’t be beaten by any other competitors, you can make your reseller hosting even easier. All you need to do is to set up your store and start collecting profits.

ResellersPanel started in 2003 and has been a popular choice since then.

Therefore, this review is to take a closer look at how good the offers of ResellersPanel are.

What is ResellersPanel – Free Reseller Hosting?

ResellersPanel is a program where you can resell a lot of products – from domains to different kinds of hosting plans. You don’t even need to set-up and manage your own servers as the main hosting company will provide that for you. All you have to do is to create an online store for free, set your desired prices for the products, and start your reselling business.

ResellersPanel Offers – Free Reseller Hosting

Currently, ResellersPanel offers various competitive solutions with full of features and up-to-date technical support:
o Domain Names Reseller
o Cloud Hosting Reseller
o Semi-dedicated Servers Reseller
o Dedicated Servers Reseller
o cPanel Reseller
o VPS Hosting Reseller
o SSL Certificates Reseller

Steps for Free Reseller Hosting Program

The main selling point about ResellersPanel services is that you won’t have to waste so much time to create your reseller hosting site and all the hardwork has been done by ResellersPanel.

All you have to do is to register as a Free Hosting Reseller and instantly, you can have your own free reseller hosting business.

Yes, you can customize as to how your website looks, but the looks of it, as a newbie in the reseller hosting field, need not even need a customization.

Let’s see below an example of a free hosting reseller store without any customizations done.

This website itself is made from ResellersPanel. Very elegant and unique, right?

Features of ResellersPanel – Free Reseller Hosting

The free reseller hosting program of ResellersPanel is similar to an affiliate marketing which you need not spend a single penny to start with. ResellersPanel takes care of all the technical aspects and what you need to do is just to market the services in your online store.

Customer support – tickets, phone calls, emails, finance and accounting, administration, technology, servers, and everything else are all handled by ResellersPanel and what you will just do is to make money and collect your hot earnings.

Any customer who will buy the product from your reseller hosting store will be paying to ResellersPanel directly to get the services. However, the client will see those products on your website. And of course, as a reseller, you will get the profit from commissions or profit from sales.

Definitely, you can always host your own websites on their servers for which you will earn also profits from your own hosting plans.

Pros of ResellersPanel Free Reseller Hosting

ResellersPanel includes a lot of awesome features in their plans and below are the main advantages of this host:

Offers fair pricing of domain names registration

Unlike GoDaddy and NameCheap, ResellersPanel offers a fix pricing of its domains. You will not pay for a thousand dollars just to buy a short and memorable domain. GoDaddy and NameCheap’s pricing is usually inclined to unfavorably increase the prices of the memorable and short domains.

Lots of reseller packages

ResellersPanel provides a wide spectrum of hosting plans for resale. From the most basic plan to the most advance plan which you can later on scale to suit your business needs. And of course, you can always use the plans to host you own online business.

Loaded with features

As compared to other hosting providers, ResellersPanel offers a lot of great features. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, website security and even assisted website transfer. All these features are hard to see in other web hosting companies.

Excellent customer support

ResellersPanel offers an excellent customer support through live chat, ticketing, email, and phone calls. The customer support was exceptionally quick and the level of technical knowledge and willingness to help makes ResellersPanel excellent in this field.

Choice of server locations

ResellersPanel allows you to choose the server when you are signing up. You’ll get five options to select – either US, UK, Finland, Bulgaria, and Australia. This way, you can get the closest server to your predicted viewers’ location.

99.9% uptime guarantee

ResellersPanel has a 99.9% uptime which is a great output

Con of ResellersPanel Free Hosting

A little-bit pricey

Due to the unlimited disk space and bandwidth, the pricing seems to be a little bit higher as compared to other competitors.

ResellersPanel Review – Conclusion

Overall, ResellersPanel is an excellent hosting provider. It offers great collection of features and award-winning customer support. However, the prices are a bit high due to the awesome features it provides.

Nevertheless, ResellersPanel is a reliable host and of course you can always try its features. Either you may:
Create a free reseller account, or
Create a free trial account for 30 days – no credit card required.

Summary of pros and con:

• 99.9% uptime
• Free Reseller account
• Full of features
• Good customer support
• Fair pricing of domains

• A little bit pricey

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